Mentor Sano - your ally for health and lifestyle Mentor Sano is an app dedicated to those that wish to have a healthy lifestyle, offering customisable programs for nutrition, sports and wellbeing, în a user-friendly format. Download

Mentor Sano

Your Mentor in health and lifestyle

It is essential for us to be able to organize things at an accelerated pace. But with a busy lifestyle, some may find it hard to keep track of their good health and maybe even harder to relax.

In a world where time is a rare gem, let technology become your ally. It can take over at least some of the tasks, so you don’t have to. You’ll get plenty more time to relax if you leave your responsibilities in the hands of somebody else.

Find the perfect balance between diet, exercise, hidrate and rest with help from MentorSano.
Get your pocket assistant which will manage your routine, notify and alert you, and update you with daily articles, tips and tricks to help you change your lifestyle for the better health.

Nutrition as a key ally

Incorporate essential nutrients in your diet

Your body absorbs indispensable nutrients through food, charging its batteries. Your system needs protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and micronutrients in order to function properly. Conscious and intelligent eating is our guideline. Establish a goal and learn how to reach it by finding a personalized way to get in shape. We’re here to help. We’re here with a purpose.

Mentor Sano

Good ideas and healthy tips from professionals

Our team will ask you the right questions about weight, eating habits, sleep quality, stress level, previous diseases, physical activity and others, as well as the objectives you’d like to achieve. This is the only way we’re able to provide scientific answers in order to help you overcome your issues, pursue a healthy lifestyle and reach your goal.

A clever algorithm designed to monitor your performance

Technology is on your side, all you need is a smartphone and a smart app. Everything else comes with a touch of a screen, right out of your pocket. Get daily notifications, alerts, articles and advice for tracking your progress.

  • Lose weight and eat healthy
  • Increase sleep quality
  • Train your mind to become healthy
  • Hydrate your body and work out smart

MentorSano is here for you. For better or worse. Get organized with the help of a tech professional, gaining time for yourself. You’ll be rewarded.

What the app does:

  • SAVES YOU TIME: organizes your health plan instead of you 
  • REMINDS YOU WHEN TO HYDRATE: sends constant notifications to remind you to drink water
  • SENDS NOTIFICATIONS without being intrusive
  • SUITS YOUR NEEDS through user-friendly design
  • FITS YOUR SCHEDULE without the need for equipment or training, whether you are at home, at the gym or even at an office where you have little room for movement
  • MORE THAN A PERSONAL TRAINER OR CHEF: you can download your networks and stay in shape from anywhere
  • CONNECTS TO A TABLET OR LCD so you can watch HD videos customized according to your needs

Be YOU the change your body and mind need.

Start a training plan, challenge yourself and become stronger through a program that keeps up with you. Make any activity matter, correlate it with a customized diet, drink water according to your personal need and become your ideal option with help from a high-performance application. Mentor Sano: and gym, and personal trainer, and nutritionist.

Creates suppleness, work with schedule, get back in shape.

Set a goal for your whole body and return to your ideal shape. Do you remember how pleasant it is to feel light in a slender body? Work your body and mind with your head. We keep you connected through a friendly but serious application, with knowledgeable advice. Here and now: Mentor Sano offers you valuable tips for a lifestyle that will bring you closer to you and the joy of being. In rhythm with you, in your own body.