1. How do I organize my lifestyle to stick to a healthy diet?

In a hectic and chaotic world, it is not easy to organize or maintain a healthy diet. We’d like to tell you it’s easy, but it’s not. That’s why we created MentorSano, a reliable ally in your quest to find the balance between the rhythm of your life and a healthy system.
MentorSano organizes your day, offers you healthy foods, gives you motivating tips and provides you with the most relevant health information. But the effort remains with you, because you are the one who has to make the changes.
But you will also reap the benefits. Look at health as a result, not a coincidence.
Because what you do “today” determines your “tomorrow’s” health.

2. I have trouble sticking to a diet. What can I do?

The problem is not diet but internal motivation. You are not motivated enough to wait for results that do not come instantly, but in a few months. You need to be consistent during this time, without receiving anything in return.
MentorSano suits your needs: it forms a personalized routine, gives you elements of motivation and monitors your evolution, so that you reach the ideal weight and optimal health.


3. What do I do if I don’t have enough room to do sports?

MentorSano has already thought about this. You don’t need much space or any sophisticated equipment. MentorSano offers you sports options that fit any person and can be done regardless of physical condition. It will give you directions on how to move, even if apparently the program does not allow you to go to the gym or start a sport.


4. What can I do if I am not very good at choosing the menu?

The MentorSano app gives you healthy suggestions for every meal. Simple dishes easy to prepare, so that the effort is minimal and the result is maximum. Food combinations are designed by experts to digest optimally and efficiently, preventing bloating and indigestion. You can’t go wrong following MentorSano’s suggestions!
MentorSano is created exactly from the human need for concrete but simple things and is adapted to the needs of modern man, without compromising the healthy principles. We are constantly improving MentorSano based on feedback from users, because sometimes mentors also learn from disciples!


5. How can I improve sleep quality and reduce stress level?

A peaceful sleep is directly correlated with lifestyle elements. MentorSano will offer you more tools so that you can have a restful sleep and manage your stress as well as possible. MentorSano is used exactly by people like you: busy, stressed and with health problems smoldering inside their body.
We have solutions for such problems, although all the effort is the user’s… but also the rewards given by a restful sleep and a life lived in balance.