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Why to eat the salad first?

What is the correct way to eat food and what is the optimal order in which to eat the dishes.

We are used to eating at lunch for example:

  • first soup or broth
  • then the main dish
  • possibly a salad next to it

The ideal way to eat food is exactly the opposite:

  • we eat the salad first (or most of it)
  • then the main dishe
  • then soup or broth

Why is this eating order better?

One explanation comes from a very old dated research paper signed Kouchakoff [1930]. In this research, Kouchakoff studied the effect of food on human blood and observed what was called digestive leukocytosis or postprandial leukocytosis, an increase in the number of white blood cells after eating food that is usually cooked, while raw food, unheated, did not have this effect.

In addition, raw vegetables come with an intake of enzymes and fiber that will also help digestion.

That’s why we eat salad first! So start the meal with a salad of vegetables and relieve the body of this effect of leukocyte growth, unnecessary effort that can be avoided.

Why eat soup at the end? Ingestion of a small amount of warm fluids at the end of a meal helps the peristaltic movements of the stomach to homogenize the food and helps the digestion to function better.

Follow this order to eat the dishes and you will enjoy several health benefits:

  • food will be digested better and easier
  • digestion processes will work better
  • you will reduce bloating
  • you will take more nutrients from the same ingested food
  • you will no longer have drowsiness after dinner
  • you will avoid digestive or postprandial leukocytosis

Start each meal with a salad of vegetables and you will find many health benefits!

Easy meals, good health!

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